Finally, a free alternative
to the Dribbble Playbook.

Basketball is a free, self-hosted, alternative to the (expensive) Dribbble Playbook.

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Why should I use Basketball?

🔗 Custom domain
Connect your own domain (like

📸 Dribbble synchronization
Basketball automatically fetches your Dribbble posts.

✨ Great design
Basketball's design is minimalistic yet functional.

⚙️ Extensible
Make your own themes and add functionality.

📦 Easy to install
Basketball is super easy to install and doesn't need to be maintained.

💸 Save money
You can host Basketball for free when using Deta. Don't pay $12 /month!

🏀 Open Source
Basketball is maintained by contributors on GitHub. The source code is public.

Basketball 0.2.1 is out!

This release adds API request caching.

We're planning to make Basketball more compatible with custom theming in the next update(s).

How to update my installation Previous updates 

Contribute to Basketball

Basketball is an open source project, which is currently only maintained by one person. If you know Python or FastAPI, please have a look at the repository and contribute. Thanks for your support!

Contribute on GitHub 

Sponsored by Deta

Deta is a free serverless, NoSQL database, and image hosting service. Thanks to Deta, Basketball can be installed and hosted for free with a few clicks. Sign up here