Installation Instructions

These instructions will help you start your own instance of Basketball in a few minutes.

1. Generate your Dribbble Token

You need this token so Basketball can request your shots and profile data from Dribbble. Getting this token is not so straight forward, so I made It's easy to use, so just follow the steps and return to this page when you're done.

2. Deploy Basketball

Click the Deploy to Deta button or this link. If you haven't already, sign up for Deta (or login), you don't need a credit card since Deta is 100% free to use. Then add the token you've generated in the step before in the DRIBBBLE_TOKEN field. Click "Deploy".

Deploy to Deta

3. Add a domain

After the deployment is finished, you can view your Basketball site and add a custom domain. The installation page will show you the link to your new site, and a "Go to Micro Details" link. Click on that link and you should be redirected to the management dashboard. This is where you manage your Basketball installation. Here, click on "Domains" and then add a subdomain ( or your custom domain ( by following the directions.